Workstation Front View

Mobile Workstation

This project comes from an article in the cabinetmaking magazine WOOD which I adapted the dimensions to my needs. I have a Ridgid EB4424 belt sander and a 13″ DeWalt DW735 planer, two beautiful tools that are heavy and bulky, they are not easy to handle with every use, they should be stationary and ideally […]

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Zero Clearance Insert

Furniture manufacturing requires precise and flawless cuts. For this, a “zero clearance insertion plate” aka “Zero-clearance insert” is really a “must”. In addition, it will increase your safety since it will have the advantage of avoiding falling parts between the plate and the blade. I propose you to make this simple accessory but essential to […]

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Circular Saw Guide

A circular saw cutting guide is very handy for making accurate and repetitive cuts in large wood panels. Ex. MDF or plywood sheets 4′ x 8′ (approximately 1.20 m x 2.40 m). It also avoids having to calculate the cutting line of your circular saw every time which saves significant time. The one I propose […]

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