Halloween Display Stands

Randomly shopping, we found two glass domes that lent themselves well to a “mad scientist” decor for Halloween. All that was missing was simple round wooden pedestals with a groove. These displays will then be decorated with skulls, crows, skeletons, withered flowers, etc. With a little imagination, the possibilities are endless.

The Stands

For the building, I will use two raw board of pine skillfully chosen for their color and their veins. Below, one board per stand will be enough.

For the large stand, I cut the board and assembled it to obtain a square of 12″ (about 30.5 cm) of sides. I then made a template to make circles on my router table. Thanks to this one, I was able to realize the circular shape and the groove of the two stands. Below you can see the result of these steps.

Here, the stand adorned with its dome then decorated.

For the small stand, I used the same technique except that the dimension of the circle will be 6″ (about 15.25 cm) of diameter. Finally, I had to “damage” the stands a little to give them a more rustic and worn out by time.

Here is the small stand decorated with its dome and its decoration*.

*No scorpion was mistreated, it is plastic 😉

The Display Stands Completed

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