I welcome you to this site dedicated to woodworking and carpentry. I created this one for the sole purpose of sharing my passion for wood with other amateurs, professionals or curious visitors of the Web. You will discover my different achievements and the place where I practice. Here, everyone is welcome so I wish you a good visit.

Who am I?

Computer engineer, I am passionate about science, woodworking and its main material, wood. This love is not new. I have been working in this field for many years in my spare time. I make furnitures, home accessories, toys, etc. For my friend or myself whenever the opportunity arises and my availability allows me.

Professional distortion requires, I use the computer a lot to help me in my achievements. For example, I use Sketchup software to design my plans and CutList Plus fx software to realize and optimize my cutting plans. Finally, the creation of this blog is the culmination of the meeting of these two passions.

Currently, my workshop is in the basement of my house and I do with the space available but I promise myself, one day, to make me a workshop worthy of the name.

Why this blog?

For me, making a piece of furniture is like telling a story. There is an introduction, a denouement and a conclusion. A loved one comes to see me, expresses his need, what he wants… And here we go. Design, production and photo albums. I often make furniture for my friends and, each time, it is an opportunity for a new challenge and sometimes new techniques. Sometimes, too, it is an opportunity for new mistakes. They are integral parts of any project and learning.

When I built for my friends, I used to make a photo album that I put on line on Picasa then Google Photos with my comments. These could then interact as the project progressed and see their future acquisition grow. The logical continuity was the creation of this blog that I called “Wild Wild Wood” in reference to the name of a television series that made me spend a happy Sunday afternoon.

Buy plans?

You liked one of my realisations and want to get the plan to make it yourself? Know that it will be possible soon. Most plans will be available for sale for a very affordable price. While waiting for the opening of our transactional shop, do not hesitate to contact me at the following address: contact@wildwildwood.com.


First of all, a huge thank you to the one who shares my life and encouraged me to create this blog. To share my sweet madness and give me the time to exercise my passion. Finally, thank you all, web visitor, casual passage or faithful reader. Feel free to write to your comments.